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Prep Your Subaru For Winter Weather

Prepare Your Car For Winter At Subaru Of North Tampa

Florida might be known for its mild winters, but it’s still the perfect time to schedule winter Subaru maintenance. After a long, hot summer, your climate control system benefits from an inspection, and taking care of routine maintenance keeps your Subaru running like new.

Staying Safe And Comfortable On The Road

Your Subaru climate control system uses several components that need occasional inspections and service to keep running properly. With the heat and humidity in Florida, air conditioning systems get a workout. Winter is the perfect time to have your Subaru’s HVAC system inspected.

The factory-trained and certified technicians at Subaru of North Tampa can inspect the condenser, blower, control unit, and other components to look for excessive wear and tear. They can also inspect the heater core and replace your cabin air filter so you breathe clean air when the windows are up.

Florida doesn’t get much snow and ice, but if you travel to places that do, preparing your car keeps you safe when emergencies arise. During the winter months, add a snow brush and ice scraper. We also recommend keeping an emergency kit in your car - whether you’re facing cold weather or not.

Take Care Of Routine Maintenance In Tampa, FL

While the odds are low that you’ll need winter tires during the winter season in Florida, taking care of your tires is always a good idea. If you travel out of the state and expect to encounter snow and ice, adding all-season tires can keep you safe in most winter driving situations.

When you bring your Subaru to the service center at Subaru of North Tampa, your technicians can check your tire pressure and tread wear. If your tires have excessive wear and tear, they can suggest the best tires for your all-wheel drive Subaru.

Our winter car care tips also include maintaining visibility. We offer quick wiper blade replacement service and refills on windshield washer fluid.

Seasonal changes are always good times to schedule routine maintenance. We invite you to use our online service scheduling tool to plan your next oil change, tire rotation, or brake service. Remember that our services include a free multi-point inspection. Our convenient Maintenance Schedule Lookup Service makes it easy for Subaru owners to remember what manufacturer’s recommended services are next.

Trust The Subaru Service Center Near Clearwater, Florida

As the seasons change, we hope you choose the service center at Subaru of North Tampa near Ybor City. Our friendly service advisors will greet you when you arrive and keep you updated during your service visit. Our Subaru-trained technicians only use genuine OEM parts so you can trust your Subaru will run as it should.