10 Tips for Out of State Buyers

10 Tips for Out of State Buyers

All customers intending to purchase from Out of State should read the following:

Will you ship me the vehicle?

Yes, we are able to ship vehicles all over the continental United States.

Pricing and rebates?

The advertised pricing for the new vehicles on our website and other medias is after all Ford incentives applicable to residents of the Tampa Bay region. Ford may offer different incentives for your home address; therefore, the pricing may be different.

What about taxes?

Most states, but not all states, are "reciprocal" with Florida for sales tax. In the states that are not, you would have to pay 6% sales tax to the state of Florida plus your home state tax. It may not make financial sense for you to purchase in Florida due to these differing tax requirements and rates. As of now, the following states are considered "double-tax" states: Arkansas, Mississippi, and West Virginia. There are others in certain cases as well.

Subaru of North Tampa Tampa FL
Subaru of North Tampa Tampa FL

Can I register any Subaru of North Tampa vehicle in my home state?

Some states have different emission requirements than Florida. We are able to accommodate most states, towns, and cities

Can I finance with my bank or credit union?

Drafts, letters of credit, or funds on hold will not be accepted on Out of State deals. We will also be happy to assist you with financing.

What about insurance?

You will be required to provide state and VIN specific insurance, driver's licenses or other proof of identity required from your state, and if transferring a license plate, a copy of your state registration. All of these items must match the address of your new registration and the address we use on our buyers' order

What if I am not returning home soon?

Some states require a vehicle/emissions inspection in your home state before they will title and register the vehicle. If your state does not have inspection requirements, the process is much simpler.

Can I handle my own title and registration?

No, our manufactures and lenders require the dealership provide proof of registration and lien record. Ford requires proof of registration matching any incentives received.

What about additional fees charged by my state?

There are a few states that will not/cannot give us the amount of local/city/county/ state fees, sales tax, ad valorem tax, or use tax. We will do our best to estimate the cost for titling/registering your vehicle in your home state, but in some cases additional fees and items may be required. Please be advised that your assistance with getting the required documents and fees will be necessary before we are able to deliver your vehicle.

How long will it take to receive my new registration?

Each state varies greatly on how fast they process Out of Town titles and registration. If you must provide emissions, state inspection, ad-valorem or paid property tax-fees-assessments receipts, this will increase the processing time. Our goal, once we have all the documents, is to complete the registration within 60 days.

Subaru of North Tampa Tampa FL