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Synthetic Engine Oil Vs Regular Engine Oil In North Tampa

Optimizing Engine Performance

When you schedule your Subaru oil change, you ensure that the motor continues getting the care it deserves. Over time, oil breaks down and leads to less lubrication of the vital metal components. However, you must understand the differences between synthetic engine oil vs regular engine oil, to perfectly match the needs of your car in Florida. At Subaru of North Tampa, we look at the similarities and differences between synthetic vs conventional oil. Schedule your recommended maintenance appointment today.

Synthetic Oil Vs Conventional Oil

Conventional motor oil is the cheapest option available. This crude oil was widely used in earlier vehicles, but it’s always the best choice for the modern vehicle. Regular oil flows slower than newer options. That’s why it’s used on older engines that require this level of care. The oil change interval with this option is more frequent, even as often as every 3,000 miles. Because of the more frequent changes, the cost savings might not be as pronounced as thought.

On the other end of the synthetic engine oil vs regular engine oil battle, you have the more expensive option. Fully synthetic oil builds upon the base oils, but includes special additives to combat corrosion, clean out the engine and extend the motor’s life. They can also help by improving fuel economy and reducing engine wear, even at high temperatures.

Choosing The Right Motor Oil

How do you choose between synthetic engine oil vs regular engine oil? You must look at the needs of your car engine. Both synthetic and conventional work in similar fashion, but they are each meant for a specific type of vehicle. It’s always best to see what’s recommended in the owner’s manual. Our certified technicians can also help you pick the right oil.

If you prefer to have the protection and long-lasting capability of the synthetic motor oil but you don’t want to pay the price, there’s another option. Consider the synthetic blend oil instead. This formulation combines good properties from both, but is less expensive. To determine an appropriate oil change interval, we need to know what type of oil you are using and how you drive. We will also look at whether you are using a high-mileage, multi-grade or other special formulation.

Subaru Engine Care

Once you’ve decided between synthetic engine oil vs regular engine oil, you are ready to go. By changing the fluids and filter often, you keep the motor running as it was designed. This simple step ensures that your Subaru engine lasts as long as it was intended to. At Subaru of North Tampa, we make oil change service simple and painless. You can schedule at a time when it’s most convenient for you and take advantage of our unique service offers. Schedule your oil change in Florida today.