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Learn About The Features Of Your New Subaru

Welcome to the Subaru of North Tampa family! You’re invited to join our next Subaru Owner’s Clinic. We want to ensure that you get all you can out of your new Subaru and have a working knowledge of all its features and benefits.

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Relax and enjoy complimentary refreshments as we cover a variety of topics, helping you learn more about your new Subaru’s features and technology. You’ll also get an exclusive look at our state-of-the-art Service Center, speak with our Subaru Product Specialists and Factory Trained Technicians. We’ll also have an open forum with a Q&A Session, and more!

Why You Should Attend

Your New Subaru comes loaded with features to make your driving experience easier, safer and more enjoyable. We’d like to explain all the options at your fingertips and answer any questions you may have on all of them.

Your Customer Experience Is Always
Our Top Priority

You want to drive a car you’re comfortable with, and thanks to the Subaru Owner’s Clinic. we offer regularly here at our Tampa, FL Subaru dealership, we’ll help you to get fully acquainted with the Outback, Crosstrek, Forester, Ascent, WRX, Impreza or Legacy you’ve recently purchased or leased. Located at 11111 N Florida Ave in Tampa, our dealership hosts these Subaru Owner’s Clinics throughout the year, with sales advisors joined by Subaru parts and service experts to answer your questions and guide you through what owning a Subaru means.

Learn more about the next new Subaru you’re considering, by attending our dealership’s Subaru Owner’s Clinic.

While our sales members will go over your new Subaru’s parts, systems and technology at the time of your purchase, that’s a lot of information being thrown your way all at once. After you’ve gone through our easy financing process, it might be hard to keep all the important info in mind. Instead of turning to the owner’s manual, sign up for our next Owner’s Clinic to get a rundown on what your specific model offers.

RSVP for the next available Subaru Owner’s Clinic to secure your seat, and so we ensure we have enough free gifts and complimentary refreshments for everyone. We’ll serve the snacks and refreshments in our showroom prior to starting the event, and we’ll be happy to see you again.

Our Subaru Owner’s Clinic is a great time for you to experience what being a member of the Subaru family is all about. With sensible commuters like the Legacy and Impreza, dynamic crossovers like the Ascent, Outback, Forester, Crosstrek and Ascent, and sporty performers like the WRX and BRZ, there’s a lot that can be covered at these meetings. Whether you have questions about the latest Subaru tech systems, from safety to connectivity, or if you’re considering adding parts and accessories to your model, we’ll have the answers ready here.

A crucial part of Subaru ownership is staying on top of your vehicle’s maintenance and repair needs, and our service experts will help you to plan out a regular schedule so you can make the most out of your Outback, Forester or Impreza. Subaru cars are known for lasting long, but it’s important to keep up with routine maintenance so you can take advantage of its long-lasting value for many years and miles to come, and our Subaru Owner’s Clinics are a great place to start with that idea in mind.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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