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Getting Your Next Oil Change At Subaru Of North Tampa

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Looking for a reputable Subaru service center in Tampa, FL, to perform routine maintenance and auto repairs? You’ve come to the right place. Subaru of North Tampa is home to a state-of-the-art Subaru service center facility with the latest equipment and diagnostic tools, as well as Subaru certified technicians eager to perform a variety of auto repairs including routine maintenance such as oil change service and tire rotations.

Car care is our specialty, which is why our technicians offer express service and a personalized touch to everything we do. We are passionate about the importance of oil change service. Keep reading to learn why and then schedule oil change service online using our convenient scheduling platform.

The Importance Of Oil Change Service

Routine maintenance, which includes tire rotations, fluid checks and oil change service, is designed to help maximize how your Subaru vehicle performs. When you schedule service at Subaru of North Tampa, our team will perform an oil filter change to remove sludge and debris that can impact how your engine runs. Regular oil change service helps to improve the performance of your Subaru vehicle and enhances the fuel economy.

By removing sludge and debris, our team can ensure fresh oil helps to lubricate the components of your engine and allows for smooth handling on the road. In addition, regular oil change service at our Subaru service center helps to reduce the risk of costly auto repairs in the future. Our Subaru certified technicians perform a thorough inspection of the working components of your vehicle at each and every visit while checking the condition of the interior and exterior and the tire pressure.

It’s just one more way that our Subaru service center stands out from the rest.

When To Schedule Subaru Oil Change Service In Tampa, FL

On average, most Subaru vehicles require an oil change every six months or every 6,000 miles. During this Subaru service, our team will replace old motor oil and replace it with fresh oil and a new filter. There are several types of oil change service available at Subaru of North Tampa.

Conventional oil is recommended for vehicles with newer or simple designs in addition to light duty vehicles. A full synthetic oil change is suggested for SUVs and pickup trucks that tow and haul as well as high-performance vehicles. If your vehicle has more than 75,000 miles, consider high mileage service that helps to minimize the amount of oil that your vehicle consumes. This type of change also helps to reduce the risk of emissions, leaks and smoke.

You can also opt for a synthetic blend when scheduling Subaru service at Subaru of North Tampa. This is a combination of convention and full synthetic oil and includes additives to offer your vehicle the resistance it needs in harsh temperatures.

Save With Subaru Service Specials

While it’s clear that our Subaru service center in Tampa, FL, truly cares about how your vehicle performs, we also show that we care about your budget by offering monthly service specials. Don’t delay giving your vehicle the TLC it needs. Schedule service today at our Subaru service center and see why our technicians stand out from the rest.