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Oil Change Service In Tampa

The Best Place For Subaru Oil Change Service Near Tampa, FL

Your Subaru needs routine service to continue running smoothly. When you need any maintenance services or repairs, the best place to bring your Subaru is a Subaru dealership, like Subaru of North Tampa near Temple Terrace. Our service center has the latest high-tech equipment, and our factory-trained and certified technicians spend their days working on the lineup of Subaru vehicles. Therefore, they understand the technology in the cabin and under the hood better than other mechanics in the North Tampa area.

How Often Should You Get Oil Changes?

Many older model Subaru vehicles with high mileage need oil changes every 3,000 miles or once per season. The late-model vehicles that rely on full synthetic or synthetic blend oil usually have recommended oil change intervals of 6,000 miles or once every six months. Vehicles that need full synthetic oil usually have longer intervals than vehicles with conventional motor oil, as conventional oil wears out faster than synthetic motor oil.

While Subaru provides recommended intervals for routine oil changes, your driving habits can affect your vehicle’s oil change needs. For example, if you drive in stop-and-go traffic or in excessive heat or cold, you might need more frequent oil changes. The service team at Subaru of North Tampa can help you understand the best interval of your oil changes in Tampa.

Why Get Routine Oil Changes

Oil changes keep your engine clean and lubricated. As you drive, debris enters the engine compartment, and the oil and oil filter remove it. Motor oil also lubricates the cylinders that move to power the vehicle. If you neglect oil changes, the lubricating qualities wear out and debris increases. These problems can lead to overheating and excessive wear and tear.

Fortunately, the Subaru of North Tampa team works hard to make oil change service convenient and affordable. We offer oil change coupons and other service discounts. We also offer convenient online service scheduling so you can schedule your appointment from your computer or mobile device.

Before you schedule your appointment, check out our service specials to find discounts on the car care you need. You can also use our website to explore the latest recalls and learn how to prepare your car for the changing seasons.

Choose The Subaru Service Center Near Ybor City

The best place for Subaru oil changes and vehicle maintenance is a dedicated Subaru dealership. Subaru of North Tampa is located near US-41 and I-275 at 11111 North Florida Avenue. We are dedicated to providing the best customer and vehicle service in the area.

Our technicians use Genuine Subaru Oil designed especially for the unique needs of the SUBARU BOXER® engine. As a full-service Subaru dealership, we also carry an impressive inventory of new and used cars, and we carry a robust inventory of parts and accessories from Subaru.