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Leasing Vs. Buying A Subaru In Florida

Buy Vs. Lease A Subaru In North Tampa

It’s not always easy figuring out whether leasing vs. buying is right for your situation. After all, there are benefits and downsides to both options. At Subaru of North Tampa, we strive to get the customer exactly what they need. That’s why our Subaru Finance Center is happy to discuss the two options with you in-depth. Schedule an appointment in Florida to look at the Subaru lease vs. buying agreement in more detail.

Subaru Lease Deals

With a Subaru lease, you can drive a new car without paying the full price. Because you aren’t buying the vehicle, you won’t be responsible to pay it off completely. Instead, you agree to something resembling a long-term rental agreement. Not only does this setup ensure that the monthly payments are as low as possible, but it also means you won’t have to put as much money down on the vehicle. You can choose flexible terms when you lease a car, perfect for your unique needs.

However, there are some downsides as you compare leasing vs. buying a Subaru. For starters, there will be a mileage limit on your new Subaru. You must also protect against wear and tear. If you violate either of these terms, you will need to pay a penalty when you return the car. At the end of the lease, you will also be given options whether you want to turn it back in and get a newer model or buy the car for what’s owed on it.

Subaru Loan Deals

On the other end of the leasing vs. buying debate, you can choose to own your new Subaru. You can choose a flexible loan term, such as 36 months if you want to pay it off quickly. If you need more time, we offer long-term car loan options too. The biggest benefit to buying a Subaru is that you can drive as much as you want and you have flexibility to sell or trade in the vehicle whenever you are ready.

However, this option also leads to higher loan payments. Because you are paying on the total cost of the vehicle, you can expect to pay more each month. Still, it’s possible to reduce the price by putting more money down and having a good credit score to achieve better rates. When you buy a new Subaru, you can also customize it however you wish.

What’s Best For You?

At Subaru of North Tampa, we work hard to provide the best shopping experience possible. You can browse our online inventory to compare models side-by-side or access your saved cars on any device for future reference. Compare all your cars and we can help you decide between leasing vs buying. If you drive a lot and want to build equity, we recommend buying. However, if you only want the new Subaru for a few years and you can take good care of it, the lease will keep the payments lower. Schedule a test drive today in North Tampa, Florida.