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Benefits Of Buying Certified Pre-Owned At Subaru Of North Tampa

Concierge Customer Service

Buying a car does not need to be stressful or difficult. You've invested time and money in a vehicle you want to drive and you deserve the best customer experience every step of the way.

At Subaru of North Tampa, we have a vast inventory of Subaru models to fit your needs, including our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that give you the best value for your budget.

Our expert mechanics from our authorized Subaru Service Center will ensure your CPO selection passes the highest quality standards set by Subaru for your total satisfaction on the road. We'll also give you helpful tips on how to take care of your CPO Subaru for added value.

Visit Subaru of North Tampa in Tampa, FL, and test drive your chosen Subaru Certified Pre-Owned vehicle today!

Why Invest In A CPO?

You don't need to drive a brand-new vehicle if you're not ready for the long-term commitment to spending on higher monthly payments, car insurance, and maintenance and repairs. You have the option to drive a high-performing car that drives brand-new without paying the premium cost.

Our CPOs are pre-owned Subarus that have undergone a rigorous multi-point inspection system and restoration process from expert Subaru mechanics. Our technicians and mechanics are trained and certified by Subaru.

At Subaru of North Tampa, we ensure our CPOs are newer Subaru models in excellent condition to pass Subaru’s strict quality standards.

With a meticulously restored body, engine, and interior, our Subaru CPO is a superior pre-owned vehicle you'd love to drive and be proud of. It also comes with financing options, limited to extended warranties, special pricing options, and a buy or lease option you can take advantage of.

Subaru Experts

Buying or leasing a pre-owned Subaru from private individuals or shops can be risky because it's difficult to validate or assess their knowledge and expertise. In the long run, you may pay more for maintenance and repairs if your seller does not know how to restore your Subaru CPO to its premium condition.

Subaru of North Tampa has expert Subaru mechanics that maintain, restore, and manage our Subaru CPOs to ensure they pass strict quality standards before releasing them to the sales floor. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and confidence, knowing your Subaru has been restored by experts to ensure it does not fail or cause problems while on the road.

Order Your Subaru CPO Now

Car buying has gone a long way. With today's technology, buying or leasing a car through online sites and applications is much easier and more convenient.

You can buy or lease a Subaru CPO at our Subaru of North Tampa website by first browsing through our inventory to explore your choices. Once you've made a selection, you can click on the Morgan BuyPass button, follow the prompts, submit a few pieces of info, submit your order, and you're done.

You'll receive a notification after you've submitted your order on when you can expect to see your Subaru CPO.

If you'd rather place an order at our dealership, you can. Just let our customer service associates know if you need assistance, and we'll be glad to help. And if you can't make the trip to the dealership, you can always call us on the phone.

Visit the Subaru of North Tampa and test drive your Subaru Certified Pre-Owned today!